Saturday, 9 December 2017

Those old audiobooks

These are the two audiobooks published by Clipper Audio in 2006 and 2007. On Angel Mountain is on 11 cassettes and has a listening time of 15 hours, and House of Angels is on 16 cassettes and has a listening time of over 18 hours. The recordings (using Jonathan Keeble and Leanne Masterton as the readers) are pretty good, but the marketing of them was appalling, and I am still completely mystified as to why they used paintings of Sicilian landscapes on the covers of both the packages! Apparently they did CD versions as well, but although they were supposed to have sent them to me as the author and copyright holder, they never did. Now they have neither any cassettes of CDs left, and the two audiobooks have dropped off their catalogue. I am trying to sort something out so that these versions can be re-issued, but I am not that hopeful...... watch this space.

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