About the Saga

Set in West Wales in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, the eight novels record the life and times of Martha Morgan, the feisty and passionate Mistress of the small estate of Plas Ingli, on the flanks of Carningli (Angel Mountain). All of the novels are best-sellers, and the saga has already attracted a cult following. Partly, this interest arises from the personality of the heroine herself, who is described by reviewers as "fascinating, feisty, flawed, complex and tragic." She is a multi-faceted character, and as the Saga develops she shows herself to be passionate, compassionate, brave, impetuous, fiercely loyal and protective of family and servants, while at the same time suffering from bouts of insecurity and deep depression. Each novel brings out different aspects of her character and traces her growth as a person. She has supernatural powers, and feels in an almost mystical way that she is rooted in to the landscape and that the sacred mountain of Carningli is a part of her soul. She epitomises what is meant by "hiraeth", and ultimately she may be seen as a symbol for Wales itself.
Then there are the other characters -- a host of very nasty villains, and the "angels" who help Martha to survive in the face of all the disasters that cruel fate decrees for her. Joseph Harries the Wizard is already a firm favourite; then we have housekeeper Blodwen Owen, Grandpa Isaac, the poetic and gentle Owain Laugharne, handmaiden Bessie Walter, smuggler Skiff Abraham, Patty the ex-prostitute, Brynach the foundling, the rough industrialist Wilmot Gwynne, the preacher called Jones Minor Prophet, and a host of others.....

“....lively, skillful and exciting, with a strong sense of place..”
“....a wonderful read.”
“....a most engaging and enjoyable book. A gripping tale...”
" ...beautifully written. A first-class read!"
"....I think these books are fantastic."
" ...the story romps along at a fine pace, with many twists and turns."
" ...the series gets better and better. Each book is more enjoyable than the last."

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