Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Mistress Martha needs a voice.........

Wanted -- a voice for Martha Morgan!

Now that we have a face for Martha Morgan (created during our "Martha Morgan Country" project involving model Rhiannon James and photographer Steve Mallett) we have made good progress on the "branding" of Angel Mountain and Martha Morgan Country.

For the next phase in our brand enhancement project we need a voice for the heroine.

We want a young female voice belonging to somebody who could narrate some extracts from the first three and the last two novels (where Martha is aged 18 - 40) and an older female voice for books 4, 5 and 6 (where Martha is, shall we say, more mature........) The voice should be strong, contralto rather than soprano, with a discernible Welsh accent. Obviously somebody with acting experience would be best suited, but there may well be hidden talents out there!

If anybody out there wants to put themselves forward, please send us an Email, and we'll explain how the audition process will work. If you know of anybody else who might be interested, please pass on this info to her and ask her to get in touch.

Interesting developments in the pipeline.......

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