Saturday, 11 January 2014

Acts of God -- and East Greenland 1962

Some of my favourites from East Greenland 1962  -- the Oxford University expedition which laid the foundations for the story in "Acts of God." 

In memory of our dear friend Geoff Arnold (on the right in the bottom photo) who died last year.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Progress on "Acts of God"

At last I'm reasonably happy with the new novel.  I am now on Draft 6 -- some of the drafts have actually involved bits of major redrafting, and others have been minor tweaks.  But hopefully the general trend is towards improvement...........

The following have kindly read through drafts thus far: my wife Inger, Ian Richardson, Robert Anthony, Keith Mann, Ken Brown, and David Sugden.  As ever, readers pick up on different things -- some undertake quite detailed copy editing work, and pick up on lots of small errors and anachronisms, while others go for the "broad brush" approach.  But all of the comments are useful, and are much appreciated.  Actually I take most of them on board, except where readers say things that are 100% different from the things being said by somebody else -- in which case I use author's discretion.

Now I must see if I can get an agent interested.  Watch this space.........