Monday, 7 June 2021

The view from the woods

 Had to share this -- a lovely photo posted by Viv Bishop on Facebook.  Carningli in the distance, seen from the woodland of the Clydach valley..........

Saturday, 5 June 2021

That French Invasion 1797


Somebody posted on Facebook these photos from the 1997 celebrations of the French Invasion 200 years earlier.  The top two photos show the uniforms that some of the French "Black Legion" might have worn -- and the bottom pic shows some of the red-coated British troops as they might have appeared in Lord Cawdor's scratch army in defence of the realm.......

Thursday, 3 June 2021

All the CDs published so far


A nice parcel from Australia today -- from Bolinda, the producers of my audiobooks. These are my author's copies of the six Angel Mountain audiobooks published so far. There are two versions -- the thick packs contain normal CDs, and the ones in the foreground are MP3 CDs for those who have the right equipment.  The MP3 versions will not play on old-fashioned CD players, but will work on modern computers with a CD slot, car CD players and DVD players connected to a TV or audio speakers.  All available for sale and from the "Borrow Box" service arranged by Welsh libraries.

All the books can also be downloaded as digital audio versions, for use on Kindles, iPads or iPhones.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Billy Ifans the head man


This is a lovely image of Tony Wrench, our friend and neighbour, looking up towards Carningli.  I like to think this is Billy Ifans, the head man at Plas Ingli, looking up at the mountain in one of his quieter moments...........

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Location, location

 When you talk of the "potential" of a story for TV adaptation, one of the key things to consider is the story setting.  Is there anywhere more beautiful than the setting of the Angel Mountain saga?  The opportunities for the use of particular landscapes and for spectacular cinematography are endless, for a director who is intent on creating  "atmosphere."  The story ranges across much of north Pembrokeshire, and a bonus is that much of the landscape is still "pristine" in the sense that it has not changed much between 1800 and the present day.  Here are a few glimpses from Facebook and other posts by me and others who love the area.......

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Sacrifice -- new Bolinda cover


Only two books to go in the new audiobook collection!  All on schedule -- here is the great new cover for "Sacrifice"  -- very atmospheric.......

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Where Martha was incarcerated


Posted on Facebook -- a great painting of the Old Bridge, Haverfordwest, looking up towards the castle.  This is where Martha was incarcerated for a crime she did not commit, as described in the pages of "On Angel Mountain."

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Dealing with characters

One of the biggest challenges in writing a series of 8 novels with more than a million words is to keep track of the characters, and the relationships that they have with one another.  In some novels there are just a handful of characters -- but in the Angel Mountain Saga there are more than 200, many of whom play important roles in the narrative as it develops.  They all have their back stories. During the writing process I kept a comprehensive list, with much more information than is contained in the "character list" below.  I needed to hold in my mind details of where these people lived, how old they were,  what they looked like, who their friends and enemies were, what they wore, and what their characteristics were -- even down to their manner of speaking.  Every now and then I made mistakes, and failed to get away with it. Every author needs to remember that if your novel -- or novels -- strike a chord and acquire a following, there will be some people out there who are more familiar with the story than you are!  I well remember being pulled up twice -- once by somebody who noticed that a certain character lived at one address in one book and on another farm in the next book, and then somebody else who noticed that a key character had blonde hair in one book and black hair in another.  You can never be too careful......... just as in films, somebody or other is sure to pick up on every little error and anachronism........


Samuel Stokes, b 1811, heavily involved in Rebecca Riots. Friend of Martha 1847.

Daniel Thomas, new Mayor of Newport (also Coroner) in 1806. Llewelyn Thomas, rector of Newport 1824-1875. Enemy of Martha.

John Thomas, senior deacon of Capel Brynberian in 1846.

Ceredig ap Tomos, Squire of New Moat, in love with Martha for years. Born 1769. Committed suicide after cancelled wedding, 24 Aug 1822. In third story.

Solomon Tomos, Fachongle Isaf (strict Caersalem) good but very intolerant.

Zeke Tomos Pencrugiau, b 1800, tenant on Bayvil estate 1837. One of Ceffyl Pren gang. Killed by Martha 1844. Villain during Rebecca Riots.

Charlie Toms, Churchwarden and one of the Overseers of the Poor 1800-08. Involved the adoption of Brynach.

Bobby Toms, Clerk to the Justices in 1846.

Billy Truscott, smuggler west of Fishguard 1800.

Moll Truscott (Moll Liberal Favours) prostitute from Fishguard, sister of Billy.

Thomas Tucker (b 1760, d 1825), wife Mary and three children,

tenants at Penrhiw to 1825.

Waldo Tucker, oldest son, b 1790, took over as Penrhiw tenant 1825. Died Dec 1844. No heirs.

Tomos Turner, wood turner from Newport 1800.

Jonas Vaughan, Castlebythe, elderly squire, feeble but honest.

Aaron Voyle, b 1780, tenant at Llystyn after purchase 1817. Involved in Rebecca Riots.

Shoni Wallis (Shoni Hallelujah), deacon of Bethesda 1797.

Benji Walter, corn merchant from Parrog. Married Bessie, died 1802 in accident

Alban Watkins, b 1755, Squire of Llannerch, transported to NSW in 1799. Murdered in 1806. Wife Myfanwy and daughters Rose and Daisy moved to Scotland after loss of the estate in 1797. Villain in first and second books.

Benjamin Watkins, old cousin of Alban, merchant in Newport 1806.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Announcement: the new web site is live!

At last, our new web site, timed to coincide with the new logo and with Martha Morgan's 21st anniversary, is published and is live on the web.  It contains information on all 8 of the books (including the audiobooks) and some of the background to the stories.   But we have deliberately kept it clean and rather sparse.  There are also links to our associated web sites.  Enjoy!  And please share.......