Monday, 27 April 2015

Most recent Guardian Angel freebie

On 22nd April I ran a freebie promotion on Amazon, for "Guardian Angel" -- just as an experiment, I did hardly any advance promotion apart from a few tweets.  In the event, there were 55 free downloads during the 24 hours. In the past, the second and third days of promotions (a single promotion can last for 5 days if that's what you want) have been pretty worthless, with downloads dropping right off after Day One.  So if free downloads is what you are after, it's probably best to do single day promotions with greater frequency.  I still don't know whether this single day promotion will have any impact on normal sales of "Guardian Angel", or indeed on the sales of other titles in the series.  All very much a matter of trial and error......

Kindle Freebie Whammy Week!

The Angel Mountain Saga: Kindle Freebie Whammy Week!

This week (26 April - 2 May 2015) we are running a rather special promotion for the Angel Mountain novels.  All of the Kindle versions of the books will be free from the Amazon web site, in each case for one day only.  Here is the schedule:

On Angel Mountain -- free on Wednesday
House of Angels -- free on Wednesday
Dark Angel -- free on Wednesday
Rebecca and the Angels -- free on Thursday
Flying with Angels -- free on Thursday
Guardian Angel -- free on Thursday
Sacrifice -- free on Friday
Conspiracy of Angels -- free on Friday

The Angel Mountain Saga
Eight volumes are now available in this best-selling series -- with about 75,000 copies sold
Paperback info herewith:

On Angel Mountain (Part One), Greencroft Books 2001.
    ISBN 9780905559803.  A5 paperback, 328 pp, £6.99.
House of Angels (Part Two), Greencroft Books 2002.
    ISBN 9780905559810.  A5 paperback, 432 pp, £7.99.
Dark Angel (Part Three), Greencroft Books 2003.
    ISBN 9780905559827.  A5 paperback, 432 pp, £8.50.
Rebecca and the Angels (Part Four), Greencroft Books 2004.
    ISBN 9780905559834.  A5 paperback, 432 pp, £8.50.
Flying with Angels (Part Five), Greencroft Books, 2005.
    ISBN 9780905559841.  A5 paperback, 400 pp, £7.99.
Guardian Angel (Part Six), Greencroft Books, 2008.
    ISBN 9780905559865.  A5 paperback, 256 pp, £6.99.
Sacrifice (Part Seven), Greencroft Books, 2009.
    ISBN 9780905559902.  A5  paperback, 352 pp, £7.99.
Conspiracy of Angels (Part Eight), Greencroft Books, 2012.
    ISBN 9780905559933.  A5 paperback, 352 pp, £7.99.