Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Kindle free book promotion

As from today, for five days, we are running a Midwinter Kindle Free Book Promotion on the 8 novels of the Angel Mountain Saga, and on the rebranded thriller called "Icefall Zero."  As long as you have an Amazon account (everybody has, nowadays) you can download any or all of the listed Ebook titles for £0.00.  Depending on the deal you have with Amazon, you may get an invoice or a confirmation of purchase, but it should show £0.00, so just go with the flow.......  You should then be able to read the narrative quite easily either on a Kindle device or on a computer or iPad which has the Kindle Reader installed.

On Angel Mountain
House of Angels
Dark Angel
Rebecca and the Angels
Flying with Angels
Guardian Angel
Conspiracy of Angels

I am also doing a 5-day free book promotion on my rebranded thriller, now called “Icefall Zero.” (The old name — "Acts of God" — sounded too much like a theological text book…….)

Icefall Zero

Please share this info as widely as you like!  Reviews on the Amazon website are always good too, if anybody feels so inclined.

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