Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Another call for more home-grown Welsh TV drama

Obviously some people are feeling rather sore about the lack of funding for a new comedy show pilot......  but the call for greater investment in WELSH drama is not new, and one hopes that the powers-that-be are listening.

Invest more in film and TV made in Wales, actor says

By Nia Medi

BBC Wales News
30 January 2018

More money needs to be invested in home-grown film and television by the Welsh Government, an actor has said. 
Julian Lewis Jones' plea is backed by TAC, which represents the independent TV production sector in Wales.
The government has put £12m into Welsh productions since 2012, but has invested £15m in companies based outside Wales during the same period.
The Welsh Government said investments in those external productions in Wales had brought £100m to the economy.
The actor fears unless the government invests in Welsh projects, Wales will become little more than "a receiving house" for outside companies in the industry.
Lewis Jones is currently filming a pilot for a prospective TV series with Hollywood star Matthew Rhys called Down the Caravan.
He told BBC Radio Cymru's Post Cyntaf programme: "Welsh Government do tend to give money to companies from outside Wales to come in and work in the country."
He said Down the Caravan had had to rely on crowd funding and private investment.

'Madness and stupidity’

Iestyn Garlick, chairman of TAC, supported the Anglesey actor's call.
"It is extremely important that we produce and make our own productions. It is madness and stupidity that the Welsh Government would refuse to fund a production like Down the Caravan.
"Companies would come to Wales anyway. I can't see that we need to pay them to come.
"I can't see how attracting companies from outside Wales is important to our creative industry's strategy. We have our own creative industry.
The Welsh Government says its investment in productions made in Wales has boosted the nation's economy by more £100m in the past five years.
A spokesman said "Without our investment it is very unlikely that these companies would have come to Wales. That is why attracting non-Welsh companies to Wales is a key part of our Creative Industries strategy."

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