Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Literature Wales announces £70K of new bursaries

Literature Wales has announced the names of the recipients of  21 writing bursaries for 2017.  Here is the press release:


I still have serious reservations about the "subsidy culture" which permeates the writing and publishing industry in Wales, and wonder why writers who are motivated to write cannot just get on with it, do their writing, and then take their chances with publishers to see if their output is judged worthy of getting out there into the market-place. 

We just have to hope that the bursaries will bring out exciting new voices who can make real contributions to literature in Wales  -- and it is pleasing to see that 15 of this year's recipients are first-time recipients.  Too often in the past (as pointed out by our old friend Julian Ruck) the recipients of these bursaries have been old-timers who have not exactly been struggling along on the bread-line....... 

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