Thursday, 3 November 2016

Serious discussions.....

Serious discussions are now under way with regard to a multi-episode costume drama based on the Angel Mountain series.  Three different companies are involved, including two west Wales companies who would bring particular skills to the project.  But the most important company is obviously the production company what would take the lead, raise the finance, make the programmes and do the deals necessary for the showing of the series across the world.  They would allocate a producer to the project,  find a screenwriter, hire the actors and the director, and put all the other pieces of the jigsaw in place. 

This is far too big a project to be handled just by S4C and BBC Wales (or ITV) since there is just not the funding available within Wales.  The advent of digital media means that drama series now must be in a form to be viewed on both TV sets and on computers and iPads -- and, dare I say it, on smartphones too.  Sounds crazy, but there you go.......

There are some advanced discussions going on, and all being well, I might be in a position to announce the sale of an option on the film / TV rights within the next few weeks.  So watch this space!


Unknown said...

Siwt mae

I am a co Producer / Line Producer and born in Carmarthen and have a caravan in Llwyngwair Manor working mostly in Wales.
I am ready to start the 8th novel and thoroughly enjoy all the books- cannot put them down .
An avid fan.

In my job as Line Producer I do film budgeting , book crew cast and keep the Production on Budget.

I would love to be involved with this project so be grateful if you would let me know ( if you can ) what company are interested in Buying the rights- that is if you are allowed to disclose.But that would be up to the Production Company.
Llwyngwair and Carnigli have never been the same since I started reading the books.
I feel Martha is around me quite often.
I would love to hear from you- and the books would do a cracking Tv Drama series- forget Poldark although I know Aidan Turner well- Martha is our hero.
This has cheered my evening up as I have spent most of the summer in Llwyngwair and Newport and the Parrog.

I look forward to hearing from you.


BRIAN JOHN said...

Hi Cheryl
Glad you are enjoying the books. For the moment, I am sworn to secrecy -- but as soon as I am able to reveal things, I will be in touch. Until a contract is signed, I will take nothing for granted! Drop me a line if you want to communicate off the web site...... greencroft4"at"

I was born in Carmarthen too -- lots of family links down Kidwelly way!