Monday, 14 May 2018

How to get people to pay up..........

In the novels, there are many occasions where Joseph Harries the Wizard gets things sorted out with the help of the most subtle of threats.  More than once, he simply tells those with dark secrets to hide "I know what you have done."  That's enough -- the implied placing of a curse by a powerful wizard is enough to induce a state of terror in the message recipient.

I got this idea from Dr John Harries, the wizard of Cwrt-y-Cadno in Carmarthenshire.  When his clients were a bit tardy in paying their bills, he would send them a gentle reminder,  telling them that if they did not pay up by a certain date, "adverse means will be resorted to" in order to recover the debt.

And then he would sign off with "Your humble servant, John Harries."

Very polite, but utterly terrifying.......

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