Thursday, 31 May 2018

Dream Team 2018

Kezia Burrows as Martha -- a perfect fit for the heroine

Ben McGregor as David -- a man of integrity but also a certain naivety

I have been taking some advice on the "characteristics" of some well-known Welsh actors, and have been having fun imagining myself as a casting director!  So here is my latest attempt at assembling a "dream team" for a long-running TV costume drama series.  Of course, if and when the drama project is taken forward by a production company, the producer and director will have their own strong views on the most suitable actors for each role -- cost and availability comes into the frame too.  Actors are very busy people -- or at least they aspire to be busy, and in constant employment.  In an ideal world, they rush from one big role to another, sometimes working on several projects at the same time, and rushing back and forth between Hollywood and Wales!  In reality life can be pretty tough, even in the clearly defined world of Welsh-language drama.  Acting is a risky old trade, just like writing.......

Sharon Morgan as Grandma Jane, dignified, calm and fiercely intelligent

William Thomas as Grandpa Isaac, wise in the ways of the world and the rock on which both Martha and David stand.  He will have to lose the whiskers.....

Alexandra Roach as Bessie, Lady's maid and best friend.  Much more cheeky and outspoken than she should be....

Gwydion Rhys as Moses, dark and deranged, the disinherited son of the Lloyds of Cwmgloyn, obsessed with Martha and destined to come to a sticky end

Gwenno Dafydd as Blodwen Owen, the fierce housekeeper who takes no nonsense from anybody

Michael Sheen as Joseph Harries the Wizard -- Martha's saviour and mentor.  One of the great heroes of the saga.  He knows too much......

Aneirin Hughes as Squire Alban Watkins.  Thoroughly evil, manipulative and cunning

Mark Lewis Jones as Squire George Howell, Martha's greatest enemy

Ben Cullen as Lord Cawdor, the most powerful man in Pembrokeshire, but somewhat lacking as a military commander

Iwan Rheon as Billy the head man on the estate.  Fiercely loyal but not averse to a bit of mischief on the side

Ifan Huw Dafydd as Squire Benjamin Rice, the third of the trio of evil squires whose great purpose in life is to destroy the Plas Ingli estate

There are many other characters too -- more than 200 in the whole saga.  Work for almost the whole of the Welsh acting community, just as the whole of the British acting community seems to have got caught up in "The Crown" !!

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