Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Llanwnda Bible and the French Invasion

This is a rather charming story which I missed when it came out in January.  The tatty Llanwnda Bible is now getting some TLC after being unpleasantly abused in and around Llanwnda Church in 1797, when French troops were in occupation.    Many pages were torn out of it to help with lighting fires, and other pages were used for "unmentionable things" including toiletary requirements.........  let us charitably assume that the French soldiers (many of whom were convicts and mercenaries) were unable to read Welsh, and were therefore unaware that they were desecrating a Bible!

Why are we mentioning it here?  Well, the Last Invasion figures very prominently in "On Angel Mountain",  and Martha strode into battle herself, capturing five French soldiers.  David and Billy, of course, were involved in a skirmish near Llanwnda itself.

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