Friday, 6 April 2012

The Strange Affair -- what the judges thought

Following the announcement that "The Strange Affair of the Ethiopian Treasure Chest" has won first prize in the Wishing Shelf Awards (6 - 8 year old category), here's a further communication from Billy Bob Buttons, the competition organizer:

These are the main points from the youthful judging panel:
1. A wonderful book, sort of an updated Enid Blyton with a touching ending.

2. Top Tips For Kids went down very well with the readers.

3. Lots of the kids who read it found it funny and very well-paced.

4. The only criticism really was the cover. The picture is excellent but there's too much white space.

5. The illustrations throughout the book were also heavily praised by the children. Your illustrator is very talented.

The competition organizer said:
Generally, a job very well done. I read it myself and enjoyed it very much. I though it would look very good as a hardback with a dustjacket!

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