Thursday, 6 December 2018

Teaser video -- almost there......

Yesterday we did our final bits of recording (video, stills and audio) for our teaser video, with the kind help of Jake Hollyfield, who kindly allowed us to use his sound studio for a couple of hours.  As before, Ken Bird doing the recordings,  Anna Monro being Martha, and me enjoying the occasion and doing remarkably little work!  Anyway, huge thanks to all for their enthusiasm and generosity -- and to Inger for keeping us fed and watered back at HQ.

So now the music is done (thanks to our son Steve), the drone footage and all other photography is in the can, and the voice over is done too.  Now all that needs to be done is the stitching together of all the various components in Ken's studio in Aberystwyth.  A lot of hard work for something that will jut last for 90 seconds -- but that is the way with film and TV......  I'm sure we will have something in the end that we can all be proud of.

Watch this space!

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