Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Literature / publishing agencies are grilled by AMs

We have posted on this before, and here is an update.  Those of us who are involved in writing and publishing in Wales need to keep an eye on what is happening at the decision-making level -- in the Welsh Assembly and the Welsh Government. The repercussions of the "Medwin Hughes Panel" Report into Welsh literature and publishing are potentially very big indeed. On Wednesday 20th Sept the Assembly's Culture Committee heard evidence from Lleucu Siencyn and Prof Damian Walford Davies (for Literature Wales) and from Prof Wynn Thomas and Helgard Krause (for Welsh Books Council). The transcript has now been published, and you can read it by clicking on the 20th September link. It's so sad that it's sunk to the level of a slanging match. Nearly all of the slanging, it has to be said, is being done by Literature Wales.   In more than 40 years of publishing in Wales I can never remember anything like it.
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Next up, the AMs will cross-examine representatives from the Medwin Hughes Panel.  That should be interesting!

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