Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Carn Afr deserted farm -- another hafod....

I have been telling people on some of my walks that Hafod Tydfil is the only true "hafod" settlement in Preseli.  Well, it is the only one clearly visible on the north side of the mountain -- it may have been a summer grazing area originally, and then it turned into a tenanted farm in its own right.  Legend has it that RM Lockley farmed there for a while after being evicted by the military from Skokholm (or was it Skomer?) during the Second World War.

Well, there is another one on the south side of the mountain, as we are reminded by this excellent snowy Coflein image -- I think it was taken by Toby Driver.  It's near Carn Afr, which is a strange tor quite a long way from the main cluster of tors at the eastern end of the upland ridge.  I wonder who set up this little farmstead, and I wonder how long they lasted in this hostile environment?

Here is another image, from the Bing satellite imagery.   Carn Afr is on the left.  What is that strange rectangular structure beneath the tor?  A sheepfold?

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