Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Legendary Locations Minibus tours

 This is past of the local effort on the Year of Legends.

If anybody out there is interested in any -- or all -- of these tours in May, please book ASAP via PLANED.  See you there!

New BBC drama filmed in Wales

BBC has announced the filming of a new drama (referred to as a psychological thriller) set partly in Wales -- and filmed mostly in the Newport (Gwent) area.


Great -- let's hope it is a success.  It's good to see that  the Welsh Government is taking steps to attract film makers and to fight for filming actually to be done in Wales.  Is this a "Welsh story"?  Well, we don't know that yet -- it sounds a bit like an urban version of Hinterland, so it's not likely to be a bundle of laughs.........

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Silence from BBC Wales......

A couple of weeks ago BBC Wales announced big new plans for Wales -- and also said that there would be a further announcement (within the next few days) about its strategy for drama commissioning and other matters.   Two big drama series were due to be announced. There was due to be an announcement about the appointment of a drama commissioner for Wales.  I hope that these things are still going to happen -- or have the top brass in London been interfering..........?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Parrog and Dinas Mountain

This is Parrog and Dinas Mounbtain, from the other side of the estuary.  It's all changed a bit since Martha's day.

Wonderful winter light today.........