Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Cnapan Game

Three pictures from the Cnapan game on Traeth Mawr this evening -- in rather poor light, and with a bitterly cold wind coming in from the sea.  But a couple of dozen brave souls joined in, and took the game very seriously.  It was TOUGH -- no quarter asked nor given.  To his eternal credit, Griff Rhys Jones joined in, and took some pretty hard tackles, emerging more or less unscathed........

The match was arranged by Pete and Ursula Smith, for a TV documentary in which Griff RJ follows the old pilgrim route from Aberystwyth to St David's -- stopping off to examine assorted quirky things (such as Cnapan) along the way......

The players enjoyed it, and agreed that if we could just get 30 players per side, we could mount a fantastic spectacle.  The game is unrelenting and very fast, and with a bit of thought from players and coaches, it could be very sophisticated from a tactical point of view, and also great to watch.

Click on the photos to enlarge.  Giff is on the left, in the middle photo.

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