Friday, 15 May 2020

A Writer's Journey -- in 28 articles

An inside look at one writer’s world

A catalogue of 28 LinkedIn articles


Humour in serious fiction -- what would we do without it?

Mistress Martha has a little chat with the Rector -- about sex and sin…….

Martha meets Beau Brummell

The fiendish challenge of the fictional diary

Advice from a writer: never forget your P's

Amazon and Kindle Analytics

Rebranding —a necessary evil?

Wales and the English

Battles in the Sky — and tragedies to come

Captain Cornetto’s Mandarin, and other matters…

In praise of symbols

The Rebecca Riots

The Mari Lwyd

Black History Month coming up…..

Do ravens ever die?

Wales — exploited by broadcasters, but never properly portrayed

TV costume drama and the USP issue

Daisy — the black sheep of Martha’a family

Amos Jones, minor prophet

Martha Morgan, avenging angel

Cnapan — how rugby REALLY started

Rough justice

The supporting cast

The strange link between a night of delirium and a publishing milestone

Narrative and allegory

Martha Morgan — a formidable challenge

Martha Morgan — the spooky back story

A sense of place

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