Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Cilgwyn and Brynberian 1903

Some of the old "half inch" Bartholomew maps have just been released in digital format.  On the Pembroke sheet there is much of interest...........  note the following:

1.  In 1903 Brynberian did not exist -- there was just a small cluster of houses called "Bancau-bryn."

2.  In Cilgwyn, Penybont is shown as an Inn, and Tyriet farm is called "Cilgwyn".

3.  Note how small the patches of woodland are in the area where we now have the extensive Pentre Ifan and Tycanol Woods.

4.  Note the spelling of "Carn-ingle".......

5.  Cilgwyn Church is shown, but not Caersalem Chapel.

6.  Note the spelling of Waun Mewn instead of Waun Mawn.

I suppose that in 1903 there was a certain informality about place name spellings -- things had not been formalised.

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