Friday, 7 July 2017

Review of Land of Legends web site

The Visit Wales "Land of Legends" website, put together by a web design team and paid for by grant aid channelled through Literature Wales (sorry that's rather complicated) has been reviewed in Wales Arts Review.  It's written by Emma Schofield and is not exactly unstinting in its praise.  Here it is:

Emma's main criticism is that the web site's promised provision of itineraries and extra information for visitors does not actually deliver.  It simply gives information that could be more easily gathered through a Google search.  But on balance she thinks the site is a good idea.

She says:  "There can be no doubt that the concept behind the Land of Legends website is a good one; a fun, interactive and informative website which guides potential visitors towards literary sites in Wales can only be a positive. The text is interesting and readable and, in some instances, accompanied by a fascinating video about the area. The quality of these entries is testament to the work done by the contributors to the site who have clearly put a considerable amount of time and thought into emphasising the literary connections within different locations."

I would agree with most of that.  The site is indeed vivid and varied, giving a nice cross-section of the literary and legendary  traditions of Wales. But "the work of contributors' is variable in quality, and as we have pointed out before, heavily biased towards "approved" authors selected by the Literature Wales officers, with many other perfectly worthy authors left out in the cold.  Some iconic legendary sites with literary associations are simply omitted, at the expense of "nonsense" entries added for reasons that are difficult to fathom.   And some of the information provided  (as in the entry for Craig Rhosyfelin) is plain wrong, and remains wrong, in spite of information provided which should have led to corrections to the text.  That sort of arrogance ("We are right, even if we are wrong") does not do either Literature Wales or Visit Wales any favours........ 

Factual accuracy should be a hallmark of anything put out on behalf of the Welsh Government.

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