Saturday, 25 February 2017

BBC promotion of its own activities

We have probably all noticed the adverts on BBC Wales in recent months, telling all of us what a wonderful job they are doing in promoting Wales and keeping  us all happy.  I thought the BBC was not supposed to carry advertising?  Ah well, let that pass........ 

Actually, I reckon the BBC Wales does a pretty good job -- its sports coverage is great, and it makes some excellent documentaries and reportage programmes.  It obviously feels rather sensitive about the criticism of its lack of a proper portrayal of Wales, made by the Assembly Culture Committee and by bodies such as the IWA.  So it is responding.  New drama announcements following soon, hard on the heels of news that an extra £8.5 million will be made available for programming in Wales.

Although the BBC has attracted a lot of high-end drama productions to the Roath Studies in Cardiff, rumour has it that its commissions in Wales are so "tight" that the production companies who are commissioned to deliver the goods find it almost impossible to complete projects within budget and to make any money.  If that is true, that is not a good scenario......

That press release was dated October 2016 -- let's wait and see whether the promised changes actually do materialise.

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