Monday, 3 March 2014

Across the moor

A nice photo of Carningli from the west, taken this morning.  Grey skies, muted colours, but beautiful nonetheless.....

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy St David's Day!

Greetings to everybody on this auspicious day! (Wales should really be playing England today of course, but since that might have given the men in red some sort of psychological advantage, the powers that be put it off till next Saturday.  Disgraceful.....)

A nice photo of Carningli to celebrate with.  I don't need to explain that this little mountain is the focal point of all eight of the Angel Mountain stories, featuring the indomitable and incorrigible Martha Morgan.

Thinking of which, why are we so preoccupied with St David or Dewi Sant -- patron saint and father figure?  In these days of sexual equality, should we not also be celebrating the life of  a maternal figure or role model?  Mother Wales?  If you are looking for Mother Wales, look no further than Martha Morgan........ in all her delightful complexity.......