Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ghostly Tales spread far and wide

Well, that's got my first few sessions of signing and distributing out of the way.  Been out on the road a fair bit recently, and the shops now have their first batches of the Ghostly Tales book in stock.  And the good news is that only a week after publication, sales income has already exceeded the size of the printing bill.  To achieve that, I needed to sell just over 200 copies.  So far, about 300 are in the shops, with a further 400 copies taken by my main distributor, the Welsh Books Council.  (That's a nice sign of confidence -- they know that there will be a good demand for the books.......)  My initial print run was 1,000 -- so I have about 300 copies still in stock. Enough to see us through to Christmas?  Hmmm -- not sure...

Now I can sit back a bit -- or get on with things in the garden -- and wait for requests for top-up supplies from the book trade.

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